Adrian Young (deceased)

Adrian Young was born at Larrara. He remembers being taken by his mother to Warburton Ranges Mission and was impressed by the Christmas celebrations. Adrian also remembers being somewhere near Maralinga where there was a strong smell. His mother passed away soon after. Following this Sorry Business Adrian went bush for a long time, eventually travelling to Papunya. Adrian’s adult years have been spent between Docker River and Tjukurla. He is Tjukurla most senior community member, as well as being custodian to much of the Tjukurpa for this area, he is also the community pastor. His family lineage includes many well known painters, including Takata (Doctor) George Tjapaltjarri, Anatjari Tjakamarra, Nosepeg Tjupurrula, Fred Ward Tjungurrayi and Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula. Adrian was given permission to paint the important Tingari stories by his late father. Dreamings associated with the Tingari are of a secret and sacred nature, as it is important men’s business that forms the foundation of much of their law.

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