What we do

Our art centre provides a space to come together to paint, share stories, pass on knowledge and continue our cultural practices. It is also a place of employment, training and creative development.

‘Ara Katjarra’ – The story of Katjara Butler, one of our artists

Create and be together

Our art centres are community and creative hubs. They are where we come together to paint, share stories, laugh, learn and keep our culture alive. The art centres are full of life and energy.

Care for our Elders

Our old people hold immense knowledge of Tjukurrpa (stories) and the old ways. At the art centres, our Elders are respected, valued and cared for by all of us.

We run regular aged care workshops in Kaltukatjara where artists who are no longer able to come to the art centre, can still paint.

Iriti – long time our old people have been painting.
They started this arts centre.”

— Sally Butler

Connect with Country and culture

Our Country holds all our knowledge, tjukurrpa and history. It is where we all grew up, where we always want to be and where we paint.

Our Country is deep in the western desert. We used to travel all over our Country by foot. Now some of our sites are only accessible to those with good vehicles (or helicopters).

The art centre supports our return to Country through regular bush trips and longer camping trips.

Longer camping trips help us reconnect with our places, maintain our cultural practices, and transfer knowledge to younger generations. This is integral to our community, our being, and our art.

Provide a source of income

Art centres provide essential income for Aboriginal artists in remote communities. Often it is the only source of non-government income our families receive.

Artists are paid directly from the sale of our paintings. Additionally, community members are employed as arts workers who are vital to the daily operation and ongoing sustainability of the art centres. 

While the art centres receive some government grants for operations and projects, this does not cover our expenses to run two strong and successful art centres. We reinvest 38.5% of each artwork sale back into the art centre. This provides ongoing sustainability and ensures the art centres will be here for our communities for generations to come.

Promote fair and ethical trade of Indigenous art

As a member of the Indigenous Art Code, as well as peak bodies Desart and the Aboriginal Art Centre Hub of Western Australia, we have the highest ethical standards and we're held to them.

Our art centres are where we paint, share stories, and connect to Country.

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