Over 100 artists from Tjukurla, Kaltukatjara and surrounding areas work at Tjarlirli and Kaltukatjara Art.

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Pantjiti Mckenzie See more

Pantjiti Mckenzie

Pantjiti is one of the most senior culture women and Ngangkari (traditional healers) in the region.

Bonnie Connelly Nakara See more

/ Bonnie Connelly Nakara

Bonnie Connelly Nakara

Bonnie is a veteran artist, an elderly grandmother and strong cultural woman.

Bernard Bell See more

Bernard Bell

Bernard started painting at the Kaltukatjara Arts Centre in 2020 and was a Director in 2022.

Josephine Napurrula See more

Josephine Napurrula

Josephine was born in the bush, close to the later-established Tjukurla community. She is the daughter of Kulata (Kuliti) Tjakamarra, [...]

Elsa (Fiona) Young See more

Elsa (Fiona) Young

 Elsa is a strong Ngaanyatjarra woman, with a wealth of cultural knowledge. Her work is sought-after by collectors and buyers.

Susan Reid See more

Susan Reid

Suzie is a young artist from the Western Desert of Australia.

Mr A. Allen See more

Mr A. Allen

Mr Allen was a self-taught artist and a respected elder in the Kaltukatjara (Docker River) community. 

Julieanne Farmer See more

Julieanne Farmer

Julieanne is a strong arts worker and an accomplished painter in her own right.

Beverly Edimintja See more

Beverly Edimintja

Beverly is an emerging artist from Kaltukatjara (Docker River).

Nola Bennett See more

Nola Bennett

Nola paints the dreaming of her family and ancestors.

Leonnie Bennett See more

Leonnie Bennett

Leonie is an established artist and also one of our essential arts workers at the Kaltukatjara (Docker River) studio.

Photo of Faith Butler See more

Faith Butler

Faith has been painting with Tjarlirli Art almost since its inception, and is a key member of the organisation. 

Joy Jackson See more

Joy Jackson

Joy paints tjukurrpa (dreaming stories) from a number of her family's traditional homes across the Ngaanyatjarra lands.

Henry Farmer See more

Henry Farmer

Henry paints strong tjukurrpa (dreaming stories) from his grandparents' country, Kuruyultu – a sacred site to the west of Tjukurla community. 

Winsome Newberry See more

Winsome Newberry

Winsome's paintings combine various techniques to create her textured and striking canvases.

Topsy Farmer See more

Topsy Farmer

Topsy is an established artist whose joyful and colourful works evoke the bright colours of desert flowers and other flora.  

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