30.5cm x 40.6cm

Tjarlirli pays homage to the women for their important role in food gathering, preparation, cooking and feeding of their menfolk and families.

Tjarlirli is very close to Tjukurla community. It is the site where the Punyunyu/Tingarri women were staying separate from the men during the Tingarri ceremony. At that site they prepared food for the men and maliki (visitors).

Mrs Porter remembers very clearly one night at Tjarlirli. She got up during the night to stoke the fire when she heard an old man’s crying sound, the sound came from the west, and it was getting louder and louder which terrified her. Later she told her dad what had happened and he told her: “That was your cousin’s grandfather’s spirit that had come to Tjarlirli from the west from Kuruyurltu way.” 

At Tjarlirli Mrs Porter also says that her mum used to go hunting on moonlit nights after putting her to sleep to hunt for possums with her dogs. When she woke up in the morning she would wonder, “Where did mum get all this possum meat from?” She later found out that the possum came about from a night’s hunt. 

Portrait of Tjawina Porter in the outback
Mrs Porter is an internationally recognised artist. Her extensive cultural and topographical knowledge are evident in her paintings.
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