Martha Protty

About the artist

Martha Protty

Martha, a senior law woman, has been painting, weaving tjanpi (desert grasses) and carving purnu (wooden sticks) for many years.

Martha was born south of Docker River at a Rockhole, the name of which Martha cannot speak for cultural reasons. Her whole family are from Docker River country. Matha’s father’s country is Warakurna and her mother’s country is near Wingellina.

She has one son and one daughter and her husband has passed away. Her husband was from the other side of the Peterman Ranges.

Martha has been painting, weaving tjanpi (desert grasses) and carving purnu (wooden sticks) for many years. She is a senior law woman and holds important tjukurrpa songs for her country.

Martha is a lively character and even at nearly 90 years old, she remains a strong singer and cultural knowledge-keeper. Her works refer to the Kungka Kutjara tjukurpa, the Two Sisters songline which runs through Kaltukatjara