Introducing Daniel Burke and Topsy Farmer

Daniel with his farther, Selwyn
We had 2 incredible emerging artists representing our art center in Revealed this year

Every autumn, the Fremantle Art Centre hosts Revealed, an exhibition showcasing the best emerging Indigenous artists from across Western Australia. Many of our renowned artists had their start at Revealed, including: Marlene Connelly, Andrea Giles and Bernard Bell, to name a few.

This year, Tjarlirli and Kultakatjara Art had 2 artists accepted into the exhibition; Daniel Burke and Topsy Farmer.

Daniel blends manga with traditional Western Desert themes

Daniel exhibited 5 artworks at Revealed:

  • Two were painted on canvas with acrylic.
  • Three were digitally painted using an iPad, then printed on high-quality paper and framed.

One digital work featured in Troopy Tales - a separate exhibition at the Fremantle Art Centre that celebrates the iconic troopy, "a much beloved part of contemporary community life."

Daniel explores fantastical and mythical depictions of the bush in his paintings. While his style leans towards realism, he weaves in a signature stylized linework which anchors his work as an evolution of Aboriginal Art.

Daniel Burke standing beside his artwork


In one of Daniel’s paintings, a fearsome winged warrior stands holding a spear. In another, a lone man faces off a giant wanambi (water snake) as lightning illuminates the sky in the background.

Daniel is an avid fan of manga, and this influence can be seen in his style and subject matter. With aspirations to create a comic book someday, he’s someone to watch.

Topsy captures the intensity of desert blooms

Topsy Farmer's paintings are distinct from Daniel’s, but no less stunning.
Her paintings depict desert flowers which appear predominantly in the cooler months or after a big rain. These flowers range in colour, shape, and significance.

Some like the honey grevillea can be eaten, whilst others are important because they mark the start of a season. Topsy's vibrant and diverse paintings speak to her relationship with the desert and her deep knowledge of its flowers.

Unfortunately, Topsy was unable to attend the Revealed opening due to health concerns. So instead of a photo of Topsy with her work, we have a photo of the lovely Nerida Giles. Nerida is a director of our art centre, and a skilled artist in her own right. We were lucky to have her at the opening as she’s also a Director on Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia’s (AACHWA) board.

Nerida Giles, standing next to Topsy's artwork

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening and those who attended the art market. It was a beautiful day spent in celebration of emerging Indigenous Art.

A special thank you to Christie Andrews! Christie is an artist and an arts worker at our art centre. She was a great help in manning the stall during the market.

The Revealed exhibition runs until the 4th of August.

Make sure to see it before it closes!

Cya next year, Fremantle!

Our studio coordinatore, Jesse and arts worker, Christie, at the art market

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